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    Saradeswari Ashram

    The Saradeswari Ashram was started by Gauri Puri Devi.
  • 2

    Sarada Devi

    If you want peace, do not find fault with others.
  • 3

    Ramakrishna Dev

    Unified all philosophies under one spiritual umbrella.
  • 4

    Gauri Puri Devi

    Founder of captained Ashram.
  • 5

    Durga Puri Devi

    Second Mataji of the Ashram.
  • 6

    Subrata Puri Devi

    The third honoured Mataji Subrata Puri Devi.
  • 7

    Bandana Puri Devi

    The present head of the Ashram.

Revered Bandana Puri Devi

Sri Sri Gauri Puri Devi asked from Respected Stayendra Nath Mukhopadhyaya for her second daughter as a “Guru dakshina”. The girl entered the ashram only at the age of six in company of her father. That girl is at present known to the religious realm and to the devotees Revered Bandana Puri Devi.

Revered Bandana Puri Devi, the present mother of the institution, born in 8th May, 1927(25th Baisakha, 1334 B.S), At the age of six she came to the ashram in company of her father and the opportunity of nurtured under the care of not only Sri Sri Gauri Puri Devi but also especially looked upon by Sri Sri Durga Puri Devi and Sri Sri Subrata Puri Devi, the then second in command of the Ashram who were throned to the seat of Mother’s of the Ashram successively.

She was initiated at the age of seven by Sri Sri Gauri Puri Devi and sannyas was given to her by Sri Sri Durga Puri Devi at the age of eighteen years.

She acquired Master’s degree in Bengali from University of Calcutta. She is a great reader and has a deep regard on philosophy of "Thakur" and universal Mother "Ma Sarada". She is great admirer of poem and writing of noble laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore, She has a creative faculty on writing prose-poetry and drama and also the instint in fine arts.

She is a good administrator but loving mother of the ashramites and devotees. Whatever qualification she acquires, she remains single mindedness to the Lord of Ashram’s deity “Sri Sri Radha Damodarlal”. She maintains God gifted power of equation between self practices of austerities and hold pragmatic views as a ashram mother with serenity.

The external and internal physique in her girl-hood days attracted Sri Sri Durga Puri Devi who fondly called her 'Phool Rani' and to the devotees & disciples that fallen as 'Phool Ma' with their love and reverence.

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